7 Wonderful benefits of Aloe Vera gel for face

1. Burns

Aloe Vera Gel lowers inflammation, boosts circulation in the affected area for healing and prevents the growth of bacteria. Therefore, it is helpful in treating first and second degree burns even on the face. And it has been recognized as a very valuable medicinal plant for treating burns. 

Aloe vera is probably the most widely used herbal remedy for the topical conditions.

Aloe Vera gel can treat and heal partial thickness burn wounds or burns faster than vaseline gauze. The average wound healing time can be around 12 days against the 18 days of vaseline gauze.

Some minor adverse effects can be a bit of discomfort or pain. 

 However, further trials are required.

Note : 1st and 2nd degree burns are close to mild and moderate sunburns.

How to use it?

Apply it on surface of skin and cover the whole part with the gel. Leave it for 10-15 minutes if its the morning or you can do it at night and let it be overnight, then wash it all in the morning.

2. Sunburns

Aloe Vera reduces the inflammation on the sunburnt areas. The sunburn recovery starts with regrowth of the cells within the skin.

All organisms require 20 amino acids and aloe vera has 19 out of 20 of those. Aloe Vera softens the hardened skin cells. It improves the elasticity and dryness of the skin by moisturising it. And it gives relief from pain and swelling.

A compound in Aloe known as Aloin is responsible for the anti-inflammatory benefits.

How to use it?

You can buy the Aloe vera gel online or if you have a plant around somewhere, then just cut a chunk and peel it off its leaf and there you have gel inside it.

You can take it and apply a layer of it on the surface of the skin where there is a sunburn. If the sunburn is extremely severe, then better visit a doctor. 

Note : Aloe vera can be eaten too. But don’t eat the aloe vera gel that’s sold as skin care products.

3. Skin moisturiser 

The moisturisers other than Aloe Vera gel leave a greasy film on the face and the skin. On the contrary, Aloe Vera gel unclogs the pores and softens the skin.

Aloe Vera is made up of 80% water with lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that develops your skin into smooth and glowing.

It can also be used as aftershave treatment as it keeps the skin hydrated and starts the healing process of minor nicks and cuts.

Apart from these all, it can also help soothe conditions like mild frostbite. It helps the regrowth of the tissue more quickly and boost the healing process.

How to use it?

Apply on the skin gently and cover all the surface of the skin where you want it moisturised.

Moisturising will help heal dry and itchy skin associated with eczema. It boosts the elasticity of your skin which can result in fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Boosts skin wound healing

Skin is the protective layer and any damage to it can cause many types of skin diseases and improper wound healing can also cause such damage to the skin. Aloe Vera has immunomodulatory effects. It multiplies the skin cell reproduction for healing wounds and spreads the process to affected areas. It is 8 times faster than the normal healing process.

Cutaneous(skin) wound healing is a highly complicated and evolutionarily conserved process that aims to restore cutaneous barrier following an injury.

How to use it?

Apply on the affected area gently.

5. Lightens blemishes and dark spots

The Aloe Vera boosts cell reproduction, reduces redness and fights off skin inflammation.It has the antibacterial properties which helps in controlling and reduces the acne causing bacteria and eliminates the dead skin cells. It is a traditional cleanser for preventing acne breakouts. It is quite a natural treatment for stretch marks and acne marks.

Add some (about half a teaspoon to full) lemon juice to the aloe vera gel to remove freckles and lighten age spots.

How to use it?

Apply as much gel as needed to cover the skin where it is affected or you can also apply it on the spots only and leave it overnight and wash it all in the morning. And, if you want to apply it in the daytime then you can leave it for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. And what is it going to do overnight? It will increase the blood flow to the skin and kill harmful bacteria on the skin. The skin cell turnover can take about 28 days so it is advisable to use it twice daily for the time duration of at least 28 days.

6. Abrasions or light injuries on the skin

If your forehead or chin has got roughed up, then you can use the gel on that part. Somehow these little injuries or abrasions can cause too much harm in the long run. Better to be careful and use aloe vera remedy as soon as possible. 

How to use it?

Apply the gel on the affected area for a quick relief from pain and burning sensations. Use it three times a day.

7. Inflammatory acne

Due to the anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera gel, it can help in healing the inflammatory forms of acne like, postules and nodules.

How to use it?

Apply the gel with a cotton swab directly to the pimple three times daily.

Aloe vera gel is safe to be used on the face but following the guidelines for use will make it even more effective. Do consult your doctor if you are doubtful about or the problem is very concerning.




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