Dry Fruit & Saffron UBTON


100 gm


Natural glow booster

We all love that subtle, soft skin and would spend all our fortunes to get that same glowing skin shown in commercials. At Satatya, we are always working on creating remedies that are natural as well as effective. Satatya Dry Fruit and Saffron Ubton is all about getting your skin that extra boost of nutrients that it always needed. Dry fruits and saffron have properties that could promise great elasticity and healthy natural glow without any artificial chemicals.

Satatya Dry Fruit and Saffron Ubton is made using smooth powdered dry fruits like cashews, almonds, saffron, chana daal and some other magical Ayurvedic herbs to ensure best results. We make sure of keeping the ingredients clean and chemical free because this is something that you will be applying over your skin. Almond and cashews dive deep beneath the skin surface and help you get that hydrating soft glow. Saffron with its magical properties provides your skin the best elasticity to ensure you don’t ever have to worry about wrinkles, fine lines or dark circles.

This combination of lentils and dry fruits is just the right food for your skin. It also works as a micro beads scrub that wont be harsh to your skin while also making sure of getting those pores unclogged and black heads removed. Regular application of Satatya Dry Fruit and Saffron Ubton could help you remove those thick facial hairs too. Get even toned, pimple free and radiant skin with Satatya Dry Fruit Saffron Ubton.


Take one teaspoon of Satatya Dry Fruit and Saffron Ubton and add honey/milk/water/curd/aloe vera juice according to your skin requirements. Apply this paste all over your face and neck. Massage in circular motion for that extra blush you are looking for on your face. Pamper yourself for 5 minutes, and we promise you will see a softer shinier and glowing skin. Use this for haldi/marriage functions to get that instant natural glow.

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