Ghee & Almond Lip Balm


8 gm


Lip balm ghee & almond

Rosy lips have always been a sign of good health and beauty. We all love to have those shiny fuller lips. Lip balms might help you get that tinted color look when you apply, but what about the nourishment your chapped lips need? Don’t worry; we’ve got you’re covered. Satatya Lip Balm is made from Ghee, Almond Oil and Pure Beeswax to ensure your lips stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. It is 100% natural and there are no harmful coloring added. Ghee along with almond oil and beeswax can help you combat those darker lips due to unhealthy lifestyle and constant use of lipsticks. No more dark lips with Satatya Lip Balm at your rescue.

Satatya Lip Balm is enriched with the goodness of ghee which is known for helping you get pink lips with its deep moisturizing qualities. Almond oil is the best nutrient dense food for your skin that promises supple lips while also helping you get rid of the pigmentation. Beeswax is known for its healing properties and is known to prevent chapping and heal damaged lips. It locks the moisture while protecting your lips from harmful UV rays.


Apply it as and when you feel like pampering your lips. We promise you will love its light and delicious fragrance. Go flaunt that beautiful smile like you run the world!

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