Amla Aritha Shikakai Shampoo


200 ml


Best for regular hair care

Apart from being an immunity booster Amla (Indian gooseberry) is known for working its magic on hair. It’s rich in vitamin C and all the most important fatty acids that are known for their inherent quality of strengthening hair follicles. It also helps in preventing premature graying of hair. Its high iron and carotene content can help you stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp which eventually stimulates hair growth while also making your scalp healthy and moist.

Aritha (soap nuts) is the all-in-one magical herb that can transform your hair. It works as a conditioner as well as a cleanser without leaving your scalp dry. It’s totally natural, eco-friendly and soap free. Saponin in Aritha makes your hair healthy, shiny and lustrous. It cools your skin and cleanses it. Its antibacterial qualities will keep all the bacterial and scalp infections and dandruff at bay.

Shikakai (soap-pod) works as the catalyst that helps your hair absorb all the good qualities of Amla and Aritha well. It can promote hair growth and its antifungal qualities help you keep all the hair problems away. Its essential vitamins promote hair growth by providing your scalp a collagen boost. Say goodbye to those free radicals with this harmless natural cleanser.

Satatya Amla Aritha Shikakai Shampoo has made sure of combining the above benefits of all three herbs into one remedy that promises to cleanse your hair, nourish your scalp and condition your hair at the same time. Moreover, its 100% natural and chemical free. You not only save your hair from harmful chemicals, you are also saving the environment from those harmful chemicals found in shampoos.


Rinse your hair with warm water. Dilute Satatya Amla Aritha Shikakai Shampoo in water and work a fine lather on your hair. Massage it over your scalp with your fingertips to make sure all the residue dirt and clogged follicles get a thorough cleansing. Rinse well with fresh warm water and you are ready to flaunt that shiny, healthy, lustrous mane!!!

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