Hair Pack


100 gm


Hair pack for scalp treatment

We all love having a healthy mane of shiny black hair and would trade anything on this earth to get those lustrous long locks. If you are looking for a nourishing mask that could work its magic on your hair and help you with healthy happy hair, Satatya Amla Aritha Shikakai Hair Pack is just the right thing to find all the required Ayurvedic power substances together. It not only is the best thing you could pamper your scalp and hair with, it also is 100% chemical free and natural which means you don’t have to worry about any side effects over your hair. This mask has all the necessary herbs that your scalp and hair would require for coping against all the hair damage done due to excess heat or harmful coloring, straightening treatments, dryness, lack of ample self-love and care.

No amount of spa treatments could make up for the magic created by a well-balanced hair pack made with effective and active natural herbs! Satatya Amla Aritha Shikakai Hair Pack is made using Amla, Bhringraj, Tulsi, Neem, Ratanjot, Karanj, Kapur and some more rare and precious herbs. Amla helps you keep your hair and scalp healthy while also helping them grow with all its potential thanks to all the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals present in Amla. Vitamin C in Amla also helps in production of collagen protein which stimulates the growth of your hair while also strengthening them. Bhringraj is known for its role in preventing baldness. Its active ingredients enrich the roots and increase the hair follicles while fighting free radicals. Ratanjot helps in preventing hair loss along with helping you avoid premature graying of the hair.


Take Satatya Amla Aritha Shikakai Hair Pack as per your requirement and mix it well with water/curd/egg yolk till it forms a smooth paste. Apply it on your scalp covering each and every strand from root to tip. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let your hair bask in the goodness of this natural conditioning booster pack. Wash them thoroughly with Satatya shampoo and you will feel that smooth and improved quality of your hair.

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