Kumkumadi Glow Boosting Serum


15 ml


Kumkumadi glow boosting serum

Kumkumadi Tailam is known as the miraculous elixir that has magical properties to transform your skin into youthful, glowing and luminescent. It has been said to have rejuvenating properties of saffron that can renew your skin cells and help you get a wrinkle free and healthy fresh skin that amplifies your appearance. This ancient Ayurvedic concoction consists of more than 27 herbs that are said to help maintain elasticity of your skin and promises a younger looking skin.

Moisturizing, healing, regenerating, hydrating, improved blood circulation, even texture, radiance are just the few of the benefits you will see and feel once you start using Satatya Kumkumadi Glow Boost Serum. It’s rich in antioxidants quality helps in maintaining your collagen levels for the smooth subtle looking skin. It also has the skin lightening properties to ensure that flawless glow with every usage. Satatya Kumkumadi Glow Boost Serum helps you balance your Pitta and Vata Doshas which eventually helps in keeping all the skin problems at bay. Satatya Kumkumadi Glow Boost Serum is an answer to all your skin problems including blemishes, pigmentation, dry/dead skin, suntan, inflammation, irritation, acne breakouts, dullness, skin infections, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, eczema and what not!


Clean your face thoroughly with pure rose water or lavender water or vetiver water depending upon your skin type. Take 3-4 drops of Satatya Kumkumadi Glow Boost Serum and gently massage it over your face and neck using your fingertips in circular upward strokes with all the love in the world for a few minutes. Tap your skin gently and let it get absorbed in your skin. Allow it to stay overnight while your body rejuvenates in deep sleep. Follow this skincare routine religiously before sleeping every night and you will surely see your skin get a whole new depth and beauty. Avoid applying it during the daytime.

Keep Loving Yourself 😊!

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