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eye Kajal


Tracing 5000 years back, we find the use of Kajal when it was used for beauty and medicinal benefits. It was initially made at home from camphor and ghee. With time, It started being produced commercially. Kajals that we find in the market are sourced from natural as well as chemical products. The waterproof or smudge-proof kajals that we find in the market are generally made from carnauba wax which is responsible for drying and blocking the waterline and inner rim of our eyes. Such an ingredient is lead. Lead creates harm to the eye muscles and affects the eyesight too! Hence, the store-bought Kajals are considered not good friends of the eyes.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, when half of our day is passed sitting in front of the screen rectangles, we don’t realise what harm we are causing to our eyes while working. Constant contact with harmful rays of the screen may cause stressed eyes and head, puffy eyes, dark circles, red eyes and itchy waterlines. Satatya’s Kajal comes to the rescue giving a relaxing and calming effect to your eyes.

Our ultra-rich blend of kajal is purely and organically sourced and has no expiry date. It is a handcrafted product made with the utmost love and care for your eyes with the pressing method. The key ingredient of our Kajal is Kachnar flowers which are also known as Mountain Ebony. These flowers are medicinal and are enriched with C, and B vitamins, key minerals of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc. Besides containing ample amounts of several pivotal vitamins and minerals, Kachnar also showcases an impressive profile of bioactive nutrients with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

The other ingredient that we use in the kajal is Almond oil which leaves a natural shine to the eyes. These pivotal components are helpful in the prevention of the growth of microorganisms on waterlines and eyelashes. Hence, Satatya’s Kajal has components that are therapeutically beneficial for the eyes.


– Relieves the stress in the eyes

– Prevents impurities entering the eyes

– Keeps your eyes fresh

– Adds a shine to the dry and pale eyes

– Improves eyesight

– Helps to evacuate tear fluid

– Removes the red vessels and keeps the whiteness intact

– Treats Conjunctivitis

– Removes dandruff from eyelids and eyelashes

– Safe to use on babies

– Relaxes the irritated and swollen blood vessels because of over rubbing


For makeup look:

Wash your hands and cleanse your face before applying. Take a sufficient amount of Satatya Kajal with a finger. Glide it gently on your waterline.

For infection, conjunctivitis and dandruff:
Wash your hands and cleanse your face before applying. Glide Satatya’s kajal on your waterline and eyelashes and keep it overnight for the best results. Repeating this routine on regular basis will eventually cure the infection. It can also be used for inner eye rims since our kajal is free from any irritant ingredients.


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